Frequently Asked Questions

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Local Bridal Pricing

DFW based bridal begins at $1,650 for Western $2,500 for Desi. There is a $2500 booking minimum required.

Travel fees

Travel fees are included in the cost of your bridal package within DFW. We consider DFW, HEB, Plano, Frisco, Mckinney, Dallas, etc

Out of town travel fees

We gladly serve the globe. Our bridal travel rate begins at $2,000 for Western and $2500 for Desi. 

There are add on travel fees for mileage, flight, hotel, etc.

Bridal Trial

There is an additional $500 fee to add a trial to your bridal package. Please click here for more details

Hair Extensions

For all large closed braid styles (ie: Mehndi/Sangeet) a 1 piece extension can be added for length and fullness at no additional cost.

We exclusively use Luxy Brand

(use code LX-ALEXANDRIA discount code)

20" will be 2" past the chest curled

24" will be to the bellybutton curled

Additional Party Services

We recommend brides reserve their own services by contract first. We can provide an itemized quote breakdown at any time upon your request.


We ask that add on services be confirmed about 8 weeks prior to the event date(s) for a more accurate count.


Once we are given the final numbers, we will create a custom beauty schedule with our team setup times, photo and video arrival times as well as how to properly prep your skin and hair.

What's included in a bridal package?

15 years of Desi bridal knowledge and experience

Bridal services on location for all events

+Jewelry and dupatta setting for Desi brides

Prompt response times